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Call for TWIS Authors

We are looking for faculty and residents to volunteer their time and expertise by writing TWIS quiz questions. Because each TWIS question goes through two levels of peer-review, writing also counts toward the ACGME scholarly activity requirement. Join us!

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Former TWIS Questions Released to Question Bank

We recently released 145 former TWIS (This Week in SCORE) questions to our general question bank, just in time for some last-minute ABSITE prep. Be sure to check them out!

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New Search Functionality

A recent update to the SCORE platform now provides more robust search functionality. When you search for a word or phrase, you will now see the term highlighted in the results snippets along with supporting text. This new feature will make it faster and easier for you to find the resource that you are looking for. Try it out now in the search box above!

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Updated Modules with Key Points

Over the past few weeks, the SCORE team has released updated modules with supporting key points in the learning objectives. These new key points allow for quick review and on-the-go learning.

Be sure to check out the following:

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Pediatric Surgery Curriculum Outline Posted

We have a new addition to our Curriculum Outline page - the SCORE Curriculum Outline for Pediatric Surgery, a list of patient care topics to be covered in a two-year pediatric surgery training program.

The outline has been created with input from the Pediatric Surgery Board of the American Board of Surgery, the Association of Pediatric Surgery Training Program Directors, and the American Pediatric Surgical Association. It will be updated periodically to remain contemporary.

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Latest SCORE Newsletter!

Wondering what's the latest with TWIS as well as the rest of the SCORE website? Check out our September 2017 newsletter to learn about the TWIS "national doughnut," our auto-suggest search feature, the key points being added to modules for quick review, and lots of other great new content and features!

The SCORE newsletter is automatically sent to users of the SCORE Portal. Other individuals can sign up to receive it here: Newsletter Sign Up

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Individual Subscriptions Available

SCORE offers individual subscriptions to recent general surgery residency graduates and others who want to continue to use SCORE as a comprehensive learning tool. For $325 per year, individual subscribers have access to all of the SCORE Portal's content, including This Week in SCORE and its new quiz each week, plus all of the portal's modules, textbook chapters, videos and question bank. Subscriptions also make a great gift!

See our Subscribe page to sign up today, or contact for more information.

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2017-2018 General Surgery Curriculum Outline

The 2017-2018 edition of the SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery is now available in spreadsheet and booklet form. Copies of the booklet will be mailed later this month to all general surgery training programs. The outline covers all six ACGME competencies.

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New TWIS Year Underway

The 2017-2018 academic year is underway for This Week in SCORE (TWIS)! With the new year, we are pleased to introduce a new enhancement - each topic now includes direct links to the recommended readings for the week, in addition to the related modules and weekly quiz. Be sure to check it out!

We plan to have all quizzes/weeks for the year posted by the end of August. The entire topic schedule for the year is already available in Excel or PDF format from the TWIS homepage. Quiz performance data from 2016-2017 and previous years is still accessible through our Quiz History/Reports feature.